Know Budget Productions is  Shaun English, but also incorporates a close network of creative professionals (filmmakers, musicians, graphic artists etc.) who are called upon for their expertise with more ambitious projects.

Shaun studied at Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s and the University of New Brunswick, where he co-edited a feature-film. He holds a Degree in English, minor in Film Studies and a Diploma in Film Production. Armed with a strong background in digital filmmaking, he decided to branch out into the world of videography, where he focuses primarily on promotional web videos.

In recent years Shaun has produced countless training and promotional web videos for small businesses and large corporations alike.  He’s also dabbled in personal travel and music projects, as well as live concert videos and other duplication services. All the while, Shaun continues to find time to be involved in the production of short films and a web series.

Shaun is also an experienced 35mm projectionist and film writer.

A born and bred Bluenoser, this fine young gentleman has lived and worked across Canada and in Europe. He currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC and when not involved in the production of moving images, Shaun is most likely to be found in a dark room, watching them.

Or he’s sitting at his desk, typing and clicking, referring to himself in the third-person.

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