Jessie Forman

Jessie Forman graduated in 2006 wih a BFA in Drawing from The Alberta College of Art and Design and has studied at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland as well as The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. She went on to complete a degree in Education at the University of British Columbia and currently teaches art to children on the North Shore of Vancouver.

Jessie’s visual mind is also frequently called upon by Know Budget Productions. Whether it’s dressing a set, designing a logo, taking stills, or providing a fresh pair of eyes to offer feedback on an edit, she’s been integral to KBP since it’s inception.

Jessie’s artistic practice currently focuses on Fiber Arts, specifically Needle Felting. She delights in witnessing the personality of each individual piece emerge and measures success by whether or not her creatures make her chuckle when they stand up in front of her.

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