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When I’m not “working”, I’m working

It sounds horrible, unless you happen to LOVE what you do. A sample of past projects, both paid and passion.

Sample scene for actor’s reel.
-Filmed and edited.

A spontaneous short film – created in under 48-hours.
-Wrote, Directed, Edited and “acted”

Music Video for KingEd
-Filmed and Edited

Animated teaser video for ACL software
-Motion graphics animation, editing and voice-over recording/direction

Experimental Music Video
-Filmed and Edited

New software teaser video for ACL
- Motion graphics animation, editing and voice-over recording/direction.

“Hangover” Original scene produced for actor’s demo reel
- Filmed and Edited

Software features promotional video for ACL
-Filmed and Edited

A CameraJam session with some local friends and musicians.
-Filmed and Edited

Recruitment video for ACL Software
-Filmed and Edited

Tea for Two” – Everything looks brighter after a hot cup of tea.
Made while test driving what has since become my new camera (sony FS100). Conceived, shot and edited in 36-hours.
-Filmed, edited and co-wrote.

The Waiting Dead” – Fun with figurines! A tribute to The Walking Dead.
-Filmed and Edited

Robots Rising” – a video I shot to test out my new rail slider system.
-My Credit: Filmed and Edited

Fun little web Promo for a local art collective
-My Credit: Filmed and edited

Kevin Fox performs the Paul Simon’s “Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes“. Recorded live at the Shadbolt Theatre in Vancouver on April 9, 2011.
-My Credit: Filmed (one of two camera ops) and edited.

-Old Know Budget Productions promo video (

"A Tedious Man" - Experimental, self-shot short film.
-My Credit: Everything involved

"Bye, Bye Baby" - Made for the 2009 Halloween Horror Festival at Capilano College.
-My Credit: Director/Camera, Co-writer and Editor

A Diffident Man” – Yet another experimental short.
-My Credit: Writer/Director/Editor

"Indigenous Gangsters" - Official Selection: 2008 Toronto Imaginative Film Festival.
-My Credit: Co-editor/writer and D.O.P.

Land of the Giant Robots, Ep 2, "Baby's Day Out", written and created by Kevin Hartford
-My Credit: Director/Camera and Editor

Gratuitous” – The product of some spontaneous filmmaking. Conceived, shot and edited in just over 24-hours.
My Credit: Everything but the acting.

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